The School of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is wrapping up a successful summer of dance. We are sincerely grateful to all those who participated this summer, who trusted us with your children, and who have supported Aspen Santa Fe Ballet through this difficult time. Now we are looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year.

Over the summer, we successfully implemented strict health measures to keep our students and faculty safe. We feel confident to move forward by offering fall classes beginning September 8. As in the past, tuition will only be billed monthly and we will continue to assess the situation as it unfolds. We will remain fluid and make adjustments as needed, including increasing/reducing schedule and class sizes, or jumping back to zoom for registered students if needed.

The School of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s decision to re-open with certain protocols and safety measures in place reflects the current risk levels. Our leadership has worked with medical professionals and the county health boards to re-open in the safest possible manner. Thank you all for your patience while we worked on a fall schedule. We know it is delayed, but with changes on the state and county level, we wanted to be sure that we had as much information as possible before announcing our fall schedule.

The School of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is committed to continuing to adhere to the highest of health and safety standards. We will be reopening with small class sizes, mask requirements, staggered start times, and strict cleaning protocols. There will be drop off and pick up procedures that will take some getting used to and wellness checks for students before class. Things may look different than they have in the past however all of us at ASFB are committed to serving our students and families with the best health and safety practices to ensure a quality dance education.

In addition, the process for enrollment will look different than it has in the past. As was the case for enrollment this summer, parents will sign students up for the wait list for the class they are interested in attending. Please be sure to add your dancer’s name to the wait list on or before August 16th. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet staff will notify families once the class status is confirmed and move the student into an “enrolled” status.

Please keep in mind that our class sizes will be limited to 25% of capacity. In this complicated time of Covid-19, we have decided to keep things simple and straightforward by maintaining the majority of students at the same level as last year. Please help your child understand that they are not being held back, nor have they fallen behind. Rest assured our faculty will continue teaching students according to their ability, The name of the class is only for our own organizational purposes.

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