Summer 2021 Classes - RFV

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet School is committed to providing high quality dance education to children of all ages and is currently operating under strict guidelines that adhere to the highest of health and safety standards, with reduced class sizes, mask requirements, and staggered start times that allow for thorough cleaning protocols.

We are now accepting registration applications for Summer 2021. The new enrollment process, instituted during the pandemic, will continue. Parents are asked to sign students up for a waitlist for the class they are interested in attending on or before May 1st.  Once the class status is confirmed, families will be notified and the student will be moved to “enrolled” status.

To ensure a safe environment for quality dance education, current drop off and pick up procedures will continue with wellness checks for students before class.

Please keep in mind that our class sizes remain limited to 25% capacity. In this complicated time of Covid-19, we have limited space to move students to higher levels but will make every effort to do so on a space available basis. Please help your child understand that they are not being held back, nor have they fallen behind. Rest assured our faculty will continue teaching students according to their ability.

All of us at Aspen Santa Fe Ballet are grateful for your participation and support. These are difficult times, especially for children. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our communities’ youth an outlet for artistic expression and instill in them the transformative power of dance education.

Summer classes start June 14th.
Enrollment opens Monday April 5th.

Summer Session 1


Glenwood Springs

Summer Session 2


Glenwood Springs

Summer Session 3


Glenwood Springs

Holiday Schedule

No classes on the following dates:

  • Monday, September 7 - Labor Day NO CLASSES
  • Tuesday, September 8 - First day of 2020-21 term
  • Wednesday, October 21 - Sunday October 25 - Fall Break, NO CLASSES
  • Saturday, November 21 - Sunday, November 29 - Thanksgiving Break NO CLASSES
  • Saturday, December 19 - Sunday, January 3 - Winter Break NO CLASSES
  • Monday, January 18- MLK Jr Day - NO CLASSES
  • Saturday, February 13 - Monday, February 15 - Presidents’ Weekend NO CLASSES
  • Saturday, March 20 - Sunday, March 29 - RFSD Spring Break NO CLASSES at GLENWOOD LOCATION
  • Saturday, March 28 - Sunday, April 4 - ASPEN Spring Break NO CLASSES at ASPEN LOCATION
  • Friday, April 16 - Monday, April 19 - ASPEN April Break NO CLASSES at ASPEN LOCATION
  • Friday, April 23rd - Sunday April 26 - RFSD April Break NO CLASSES at GLENWOOD LOCATION
  • Friday, May 28 - Last day of 2020-21 term

Due to the difficulty in scheduling make up classes, the Aspen school does not usually close for weather related issues. Please use your best judgment in determining whether or not to send students to class. In the rare event that classes are to be cancelled, notification will be posted on the School Director's voicemail box (970-925-7175 x106) by 1:00pm the same day.