Dress Code - Santa Fe

Contact Karen in the Santa Fe office, 505-983-5591 to purchase and pick up your dress code leotard.

Dress code for Girls

Dress code for all ballet classes Creative Dance thru Advanced is dress code leotard specific to your dancer's level (please see listing), pink footed tights, and pink leather ballet shoes.

Dress code for Boys

Snug white t-shirt, black leggings or tights, white or black socks, and black leather ballet shoes.

Dress code for Jazz classes.

Black jazz pants or leggings and tight, form-fitting top. Female students in Jazz 1 or Jazz 2 need tan slip on jazz shoes. Female students in Int. or Adv. jazz need black slip on jazz shoes. All male jazz students need black slip on jazz shoes.

  • Pre-Ballet

    Pink short sleeve

  • Beginning Ballet

    Black (princess style)

  • Ballet 1

    Garnet (princess style)

  • Ballet 2

    Light blue (princess style)

  • Ballet 3

    Royal blue (princess style)

  • Ballet 4

    Hunter green (princess style)

  • Junior Ballet

    Black leotard of choice

  • Intermediate / Advanced

    Solid color leotard of choice